Annual General Meeting - 2020 & 2021

Riddlesden Tennis Club Minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 22nd of August 2021

Present: Robin, Tony, Charles, Monica, Kath, Pete, Laura (Coach) Brian, Julie W, Alwen, Carol, Shirley, Philip, Elaine, Joyce, Susan, Nick, David, Hugh. Richard (Institute) Apologies: Matt B, Josh & Matt.

The meeting commenced at 12 noon.


1. Minutes of the last meeting There were no matters arising

2. Chairpersons report Robin (Acting Chair) read out Barry's last report which was accepted by all present with no comments.

3. Treasurers report. Charles reported tht despite the effects of the Covid pandemic the club was in a healthy financial state having over 9K in the bank, partly due to the Institute only charging half the normal rent and the Insurance company deferring payment for thee months. Charles thanked the membership for paying full fees despite there being restricted play during lockdowns and for paying fees by bank transfer, encouraging all members to do so if possible in the future.

4. Election of New Committee. It was agreed by all present that the present committee members be asked to continue in their roles for the forthcoming year to which the Committee agreed. Therefore the new Committe is comprised as follows: Chairperson: Robin, Secretary: Tony, Treasures: Charles, plus Monica, Pete, and Kath.

5. New Constitution and Club Rules. A great deal of discussion took place, with many members voicing their comments all of which were listened to and debated. Two main items were discussed at length regarding Club rules. a) Potential new members would now be allowed two free sessions (if wanted) before being requested to pay the appropriate fee and join the club b) Visitors to the club would be charged £5.00 per court session ( A Session = no more than two hours) and that the charge is to be for the court not an individual, Therefore potentially three visitors plus one member could play on one court. The court must be booked by a current member who would be responsible for transferring the fee to the Treasurer. Robin agreed to rewrite the constitution and new club rules and post in the clubhouse and on the website and the Whats app group, as soon as possible. It was also agreed that new signage at the club site would be arranged clearly stating how potential new members can join and who to contact. (See AOB)

6. Court Security Charles agreed to purchase new quality locks to replace the old ones. Richard (Institute) informed the meeting that security cameras (showing Courts and clubhose) were indeed operational if needed by us in the future.

7. Use of Courts by Schools The Committe to investigate if we are covered by insurance

8. Coaching Laura was welcomed and introduced herself and her services.

9. Court Booking System It was agreed to look into finding a simpler system, Charles to investigate.

10. Teams and Captains Josh and Matt have agreed to captain the Friendly league team next season, The Captain of the Mens Saturday (Parks league) is to be confirmed It was agreed that clear instructions be given to captains as regards responsibilities and collection of fees. Committee to arrange.

11. Extension to Court 3 It was agreed that the Committe investigate the cost and implications of extending Court 3

12. New Balls It was agreed that new balls be made available to all members, not just teams. Charles to investigate purchase. Richard (Institute) agreed to take any old balls for School use.

13. Whats app group It was agreed to encourage all members to become part of the group as this is the principle method of communication, anyone wanting to join should contact Robin (Chair) as he is the coordinator. Anyone unable to join should be encouraged to 'Buddy up' with another whats app group member to receive information. It was also agreed to remind all users to use the group responsibly and not to air personal matters to all, please use the private messaging function if necessary.

14. A.O.B.

a) It was agreed to continue with the current social tennis sessions

b) Working parties will be arranged as needed

c) It was agreed to remind members and visitors to keep the courts and clubhouse clean and tidy.

d) Monica agreed to arrange an American tournament in September or October.

e) Membership fees to remain as they are for now

f) With reference to agenda item 5, it was agreed that it was needed to add a 'Membership Secretary' to the Committee. The Committee will meet in due course to discus and confirm the details of this new role

g) Richard informed the meeting that current PAT testing is no longer valid and that a 'Full electical safety check' is now required. The Committee will investigate and resond accodingly.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 1.45pm

Riddlesden Tennis Club Rules

1. Smoking is not allowed on the courts or in the clubhouse.

2. Food and drink is not allowed on the courts (Except water bottles).

3. Appropriate Tennis wear must be worn on court.

4. Please keep the courts and clubhouse clean and tidy, Debris and litter (i.e. empty tennis cans) must be removed, Brushes are available on court.

5. Foul and abusive language, Challenging and intimidating behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated anywhere on the club premises and could result in termination of membership with no refund.

6. Please keep the courts locked when not in use.

7. Potential new members are permitted two free sessions (up to two hours each session) if desired, before being asked to Join and pay the appropriate fee.

8. Visitors to the club are the responsibility of the inviting club member and are subject to the club rules

9. Members who invite visitors are also responsible for the visitor fee and should make payment to the treasurer by bank transfer as soon as possible (or by cash /cheque to Pete Laughlin)

10. Visitor fees are set at £5.00 per session (up to two hours) and are per court i.e. A member can potentially invite up to three visitors for each session and pay just £5.00.

11. Social Tennis sessions are allocated at various times during the week, Members are reminded that they are not allowed to book private courts during these times and that when coming along to play during these times that the social tennis rules must be observed.

Riddlesden Tennis Club Constitution


The club will be called Riddlesden Tennis club herein referred to as the “ club “.


The purpose of the club is the promotion of community participation in tennis for all ages, sexes and ethnic backgrounds.


Raise funds, receive grants and donations Apply funds to achieve the Purpose of the club


Membership is annual and payable by the first Monday in April. New members joining after 1 October will pay half fees until 1 April the following year. Membership includes: Adult, Family membership,Life membership, Junior member Student in full time education, Unemployed and in receipt of benefits, (proof to be provided of last 2) Membership fees will be set either at the Annual General meeting or by the committee during the season and will last twelve months from the first Monday in April of that year.

Officers of the club

There will be the following officers elected from current club membership ( Management Committee ): Chairperson, Secretary/Website management, Treasurer Membership Secretary and up to 3 others. These officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. All officers will retire each year but are eligible for re – appointment.

Management Committee

The club will be managed by the management committee and only they have the right to vote at the management committee meetings which will take place at least 2 times in any twelvemonth period. These meetings may be held via modern technology .eg Telephone conference call. The management committee will be convened by the Chairman or Secretary and business can only be agreed when the Chairman and 2 or more of the officers are in attendance. Decisions will be made on a majority basis, and in the event of a split vote the Chairman has the casting vote. The management committee is responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe club rules. Club rules are to be reviewed annually by the committee and published on the Pavilion notice board and the club’s web site.

League teams

The management Committee may choose to enrol teams in local leagues. The responsibility for organising these matches and for the collection of fees deemed appropriate by the Committee shall fall to the captain of each team. Failure to collect these fees will result in withdrawal from said leagues.


The club treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club and will bank all monies received into the club bank account. The financial year will complete at the 31st of December. Accounts will be audited by an independent individual who is not a member of the club and they will be presented at the club’s Annual General Meeting??. Cheques and electronic payments should hold the signatures of the treasurer and one of the authorised signatories held by the club’s bank.

Annual General Meetings

21 days clear days’ notice of an AGM will be given to members via the pavilion notice board or the club’s website. The AGM will receive the audited accounts and a report from the Chairman of the financial status of the club in the preceding year and its future plans. Election of the Management committee will take place at the AGM. All members attending the AGM have the right to vote. The management committee has the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting, the procedures being the same as an AGM.

Amendments to the constitution

The constitution can be amended by agreement of a majority vote at an AGM or EGM.

Dissolution of the club

A resolution to dissolve the club can be made at either an AGM or an EGM and must be carried by 75% of the members’ present. The dissolution will take effect immediately and the management committee are responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the club. All surplus assets after the winding up shall be transferred to the Riddlesden War Memorial Institute for any purpose they decide meets either the purposes of the club or if that should not be deemed possible by the Institute management Committee to further community cohesion within the Riddlesden broader community.


Riddlesden Tennis club hereby adopts and accepts this revised constitution dated: 04/11/2021

Name:Robin Martin Position: Chair Name: Anthony Robinson Position: Secretary

 Adopted at 04/11/2021


Personal Accident Cover

Members are recommended to have their own personal accident insurance to cover any accident they may have at the club's premises. The club's insurance policy covers club assets and has public liability cover but not personal cover for members.



Your Data

1. Paper Membership records

All paper membership paper records prior to the 2021 season will be shredded on the 2nd of January 2021. Current season paper membership forms will be used to maintain an audit trail for the club’s financial accounts only. These forms will be retained for administration purposes for 12 months in a secure location. At the beginning of a new season they will be shredded securely.


2. Club Website

No personal data will be held within the club’s website, namely, without the individuals express permission. The website will be used to enable member’s to keep themselves up to date on events at the club as well, as enabling members’ to source information about the club. To enable prospective new member’s to gain access to information about the club.


3. Membership information

Information will be held on one committee member’s computer detailing their name and the membership type only. This computer will have both a firewall and virus protection software.