Annual General Meeting - 2020 & 2021

Riddlesden Tennis Club AGM 2021

Sunday 22nd August 2021

12 noon

Riddlesden Institute

All members welcome

AGM Agenda

Apologies for Absence

Feedback on Whatsapp group, court booking, and locked gates from members.

Chairman’s report for both 2019 and 2020 to include accounts for 2019 and 2020.

Constitution – revision or existing (see below)

Election of the Club Committee for 2021 to include: Chairman Treasurer Secretary/Website and up to 3 others

Membership and Match fees 2021 Teams for 2021

2021 Club Rules


Pease Note - Anyone requiring a copy of the 2019/2020 Chairman's report contact Barry at


Riddlesden Tennis Club Potential revision for 2021 season onwards Constitution of a Riddlesden War Memorial Institute User Group and Unincorporated Association

Name The club will be called Riddlesden Tennis club herein referred to as the “ club “.

Purpose The purpose of the club is the promotion of community participation in tennis for all ages, sexes and ethnic backgrounds.

Powers Raise funds, receive grants and donations Apply funds to achieve the Purpose of the club

Membership Membership is annual and payable by the first Monday in April.

Membership includes: Adult, Family membership, Full time education, student in full time education, unemployed and in receipt of benefits Life membership

Membership fees will be set either at the Annual General meeting or by the committee during the season and will last twelve months from the first Monday in April of that year.

Officers of the club There will be the following officers elected from current club membership ( Management Committee ): Chairperson, Secretary/Website management, Treasurer and up to 3 others. These officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. All officers will retire each year but are eligible for re – appointment.

Management Committee The club will be managed by the management committee and only they have the right to vote at the management committee meetings which will take place at least 2 times in any twelvemonth period. These meetings may be held via modern technology .E.G Telephone conference call. The management committee will be convened by the Chairman or Secretary and business can only be agreed when the Chairman and 2 or more of the officers are in attendance. Decisions will be made on a majority basis, and in the event of a split vote the Chairman has the casting vote. The management committee is responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe club rules. Club rules are to be reviewed annually by the committee and published on the Pavilion notice board and the club’s web site.

Finance The club treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club and will bank all monies received into the club bank account. The financial year will complete at the 31st of December. Accounts will be audited by an independent individual who is not a member of the club and they will be presented at the club’s Annual General Meeting. Cheques and electronic payments should hold the signatures of the treasurer and one of the authorised signatories held by the club’s bank.

Annual General Meetings 21 days clear days’ notice of an AGM will be given to members via the pavilion notice board or the club’ website. The AGM will receive the audited accounts and a report from the Chairman of the financial status of the club in the preceding year and its future plans. Election of the Management committee will take place at the AGM. All members attending the AGM have the right to vote. The management committee has the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting, the procedures being the same as an AGM.

Disciplinary process All complaints about members whilst at and participating in the club’s activities should be submitted in writing to the secretary and should be signed and dated. The management committee will meet to review complaints within 28 days of the formal complaint being received. The outcome of a review must be sent in writing or via email to both the complainant and the member against whom the complaint was lodged, the outcome may include suspension from the club. A right of appeal can be lodged with the management committee within 28 days of official notification of the outcome of the complaint.

Amendments to the constitution The constitution can be amended by agreement of a majority vote at an AGM or EGM.

Dissolution of the club A resolution to dissolve the club can be made at either an AGM or an EGM and must be carried by 75% of the members’ present. The dissolution will take effect immediately and the management committee are responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the club. All surplus assets after the winding up shall be transferred to the Riddlesden War Memorial Institute for any purpose they decide meets either the purposes of the club or if that should not be deemed possible by the Institute management Committee to further community cohesion within the Riddlesden broader community.

Declaration Riddlesden Tennis club hereby adopts and accepts this revised constitution dated: Name: Position: Club Committee Member Name: Position: Club Committee Member Dated: Adopted at:

Personal Accident Cover

Members are recommended to have their own personal accident insurance to cover any accident they may have at the club's premises. The club's insurance policy covers club assets and has public liability cover but not personal cover for members.



Club Rules

1. Riddlesden Tennis Club Rules ( Revised Nov 2018 )

2. No smoking on the courts or in the pavilion.

3. No food on the courts – water bottles are permitted on the court.

4. Tennis shoes/pumps/trainers and appropriate dress ( tee shirt shorts/skirts and/or tracksuit ) only to be worn on the courts

5. Court brushes are kept in the pavilion, please remove all debris from the courts after play.

6. Abusive or disruptive behaviour and / or swearing could result in dismissal from the membership of the club with no refund applicable. Such behaviour should be reported to a committee member in writing. The management committee will determine whether any disciplinary action is necessary within 28 days of the formal complaint being received.

7. New members may play on two separate occasions without charge, but are then required to pay the membership fee to the treasurer before playing on the courts again.

8. Visitors to the club will be charged £5 per court session for up to 4 people. Please remit to the treasurer.

Your Data

1. Paper Membership records

All paper membership paper records prior to the 2021 season will be shredded on the 2nd of January 2021. Current season paper membership forms will be used to maintain an audit trail for the club’s financial accounts only. These forms will be retained for administration purposes for 12 months in a secure location. At the beginning of a new season they will be shredded securely.


2. Club Website

No personal data will be held within the club’s website, namely, without the individuals express permission. The website will be used to enable member’s to keep themselves up to date on events at the club as well, as enabling members’ to source information about the club. To enable prospective new member’s to gain access to information about the club.


3. Membership information

Information will be held on one committee member’s computer detailing their name and the membership type only. This computer will have both a firewall and virus protection software.